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Hello fellow Blender users.

This will be a quick post. As of now, Blender Mesh will not be updated until further notice.

Good luck in all your projects. Until the next post.

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Hello everyone. Hope y’all having a good time out there.

If you see the last date on my most recent tutorial, you can see that it was almost two years ago (January 21, 2012). This was in the middle of my trip I took around the world, and it changed me a lot. I lost my [...]

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Learn quick tips and ideas on how to finish off your castle render.

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Creating a Castle in Blender Part 1

A stone castle sitting in the desert … learn the modeling process of how to get it all up on your screen.

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7 Tutorials that helped me learn Blender

A couple main tutorials that helped me learn how to use Blender — and quickly.

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Creating a Sunset Landscape Scene

Learn how to create a very simple, good-looking, easy-to-create landscape/sunset scene.

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Creating Landscapes with Displacements

Creating landscapes with Blender using displacements is easy and fun. Give it a go!

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Getting back to Tutorials

Sorry for no recent tutorials, but …

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Learn simple tips and directions on how to model, texture, and render a fancy watch in Blender.

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Create a Dark Hallway Scene

Never made an architecture scene? This tutorial will help you get the basics of creating architecture.

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